The upcoming drama movie, Wonder, directed by Stephen Chbosky and scheduled to be released on 17th November in the US, is a dramatic thriller meant for the family audience. Based on the New York Times Bestseller, Wonder, it is written by Stephen Chbosky and Steve Conrad. It is one of the most heartwarming and inspiring movies of the year being anticipated by the movie lovers.

The story is based on the life of the protagonist, August Pullman, and is derived from the New York Times bestseller, Wonder. The film traces the story of a young boy who is born with facial differences which prevent him from going to a mainstream school. However, Auggie, as he is known in the film, becomes a hero when he enters the fifth grade in a local elementary school.

Going through tumultuous times ever since birth and struggling to find acceptance I all walks of life, Auggie slowly managed to blend in. His new classmates, his family and everyone from the social community try to find compassion and acceptance for the different boy that Auggie is. And the film unfolds in a manner which makes us realize that people who are different and are meant to stand out do not have the need to find acceptance from others around them.

Heartwarming Film With Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

The production houses behind the heartwarming film are the Lionsgate, Mandeville films and Participant media.The movie is a much awaited one, as it portrays the harsh truth of today’s world and the constant struggle that different people have to go through in order to survive and earn the respect of the so-called normal ones. Besides starring Jacob Tremblay as Auggie, the movie has Julia Roberts in the lead with the powerful role of Auggie’s mother and Owen Wilson as his father while other characters are portrayed by the likes of Mandy Patinkin, Ali Liebert, Crystal Lowe and others. The movie trailer has got several million views on YouTube and is likely to dazzle the silver screen on its debut.

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