Wonder Woman : A good Learning for Gen Z

Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot
A wonderful story crafted for children was restyled into a movie. The movie starring with many of the realistic actors on the one side is having an amazing story on the other. With both the wonders supporting the movie, Patty Jenkins gets way out concept to making of the movie on the story “Amazon Princess”.  A wonderful recommendation for children as it teaches harmony and love for nature. Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, playing the role of the wonder woman receives stardom overnight as the “wonder woman” with incredible features and traits.

The learning approach and the love for nature is something that this Gen Z children need to learn. Getting attached to the earth, wonder woman flies and roots out all the problems creating disharmony on earth. The role of this super lady has been well played by Gadot. She proved her role with her hard work. One of the team members of the movie-making remembers that how Gadot was resisting chill in her short costume while all the male members were trembling in cold. She has put all her effort to justify the role of a princess who has been quite down-to earth amidst the jungle of Amazon.

The princess of Amazon with all her magic costume meets the pilot Steve Trevor after he crashes his plane in Themyscira coast. The super-heroin “Diana” played by Gadot is trained through rigorous warfare training by Antilope. She saves the pilot only to know that there is going war in the world outside of Amazon. She thinks of ending the disharmony and starts her journey for her newly designed world by Steve.

All the elements of the movie including the music, screenplay, action and direction together make an interesting movie that captures the young audience easily and being remarked as the highest grossing and fetched movie directed by a woman. Being directed by a woman and led by a female actress to a great extent, the movie equalizes the super-heroines with the super-heroes.

The movie has earned a good amount for Warner Bros. it has earned something around 410 million by hitting both the domestic as well as international box offices. No doubt! A good making to be viewed by both parents and children. It will be there in the mind of audience with the image of super-lady until another super-female-led movie will be arriving the theatre.

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