The Star

The Star
Oprah Winfrey

The upcoming animated film, The Star, directed by Timothy Reckart and scheduled to be released on 17th November in the US, is an action comedy film meant for the family audience. Based on the Nativity of Jesus, it is written by Carlos Kotkin and Simon Moore. It is one of the most anticipated computer animated movies of the year.

The film is being made under the Sony Pictures Animation banner and the trailer itself has raked in thousands of views on YouTube. The storyline traces the life of a small yet brave donkey name Bo who wants to get more from his life than facing the daily grind in the mill where he works. While it is difficult, he finally breaks free from the chains and goes on an adventurous trip. The adventures make him meet Ruth who is the friendly neighborhood sheep who has been separated from the flock and Dave who is a dove with many great aspirations much life Bo himself.

Along with some other animals who are unsatisfied with their daily designated lives, Bo goes on a journey following the Star. Their adventures take them on unchartered territories where they become the accidental heroes by staring in the greatest story ever told – the first Christmas.

Made with a budget of $18 million and produced by top houses like Affirm films and Columbia Pictures, the movie is a much awaited one, especially for the younger generation. With a star-cast voiceover given by Zachary Levi as Joseph, Steven Yeun as Bo, Gina Rodriguez as Mary and Tyler Perry as the camel, the movie is set to release in the next few weeks. Besides the normal star cast, the movie also features voiceover by Oprah Winfrey as Deborah the camel, making it her 4th appearance as a voiceover cast. The much-anticipated movie is all set to debut soon and go worldwide after a national release in the US.

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