The Premieres That Are To Come

The Christmas season is coming and with it the most anticipated releases, here I bring you some of the titles that will soon be in theaters.

Pokemon: I choose you

The premieres that are to comeRelease date: 11/05/17

Tells the story of the first meeting between Ash and Pikachu and his adventures in search of the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. The iconic couple encounters familiar faces along the way, new characters such as the Verity and Sorrel trainers, and even a new mythical Pokémon: Marshadow. Challenges and epic Pokémon battles abound in this unique story that tells the beginning of one of the most popular friendships in popular culture.


Release date: 11/09/17

After the sudden and tragic death of his girlfriend, Professor Samuel Solomon has a recurring nightmare in which a woman is murdered. The same woman who appears every night in her mind is found dead in identical circumstances to those of her dream. Investigating, Samuel meets Rachel, a young woman who claims to have dreamed of the same murder. Together, they will do everything possible to discover the identity of the mysterious woman, submerging in a dark world to try to find out the truth.

The Justice League

Release date: 11/17/17

After the sacrifice made by Superman (Henry Cavill), the perspective of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), name behind which the secret identity of Batman is hidden, changes radically. Driven by a restored faith in humanity, and inspired by the disinterested act of the Man of Steel, Wayne reevaluates his extreme methods and decides to recruit new team.

Murder in the orient express

Release date: 11/24/17

Year 1935. The Orient Express, a legendary train that crosses Europe, is stopped by a snowstorm. During a rugged night of the trip, a mysterious murder takes place. The detective Hercules Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) will be in charge of solving this dark crime that has taken place in one of the wagons of the train.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
A new adventure is about to begin, old and new characters besides old familiar faces, prepare for what is to come, because archaic secrets of the Force and shocking revelations of the past will be revealed. This eighth installment of the space saga begins immediately after the events occurred at the end of the death star.

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