The Lord of the Ring For Television

If you like me are a fan of Tolkien, have read his books and watched the movies, this news will be very interesting. The characters of the middle earth could soon reach the small screen.

According to the magazine “Varity” Warner Bros. Television and the heirs of the writer are in talks with Amazon Studios to develop a television series based on the trilogy of Lord of the Rings books, and apparently the interest of Amazon is quite large since one of its best executives is behind the negotiations, which are in their initial stages.

Recall that Warner Bros. and the heirs of the writer have held talks with Netflix and HBO, for the television adaptation of the books, but it seems that it is Amazon Studios who has the best possibilities to make the production.

A large-scale production

The Lord of the Ring
Peter Jackson

Everything points to what will be a great super production, some anonymous sources indicate that only the right of the novels would be paying an exorbitant number and the budget for production could easily exceed 200 million dollars, because the goal is to create a series with the quality of HBO’s Game of Thrones.


Recall that the films The Community of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002) and The Return of the King (2003), the film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson was a tremendous success of critics and audiences and raised worldwide 2,912 million of dollars, according to the specialized website Box Office, it is not surprising that Amazon Studios is willing to throw the house out the window with a production of this magnitude.

If the project is completed, we must wait to see who are the chosen ones to leads roles in the television series and who will write the adaptation to television, we hope that it fits faithfully into the book and does not disappoint us. You’ll wait to see.

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