Tessa Thompson: From Independent Actress To star In A Mega Production

Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson

A little-known actress. Internationally becomes one of the stars of a blockbuster of Hollywood. Tessa Thompson, Californian born in 1983 and known mostly for her role as Jackie Cook in the television series Veronica Mars, we could see her in the award-winning ’12 years of slavery ‘and it was Creed’s girlfriend at the new reboot of the Rockys, she has never been on the cover pages of the great publications or in the usual film forums among some other minor roles, but since a few weeks ago a face known throughout the world, thanks to his appearance in the Marvel Thor movie; Ragnarok.

The actress Tessa Thompsone gives life to Valkyrie, a hard galactic scavenger who has a mysterious story. After some events that marked her, Valkyrie hid to forget her past. But now that the universe is in danger, she is forced to leave her story behind and join forces with the two superheroes to save Asgard from possible destruction.

According to her own account, came to the film at the invitation of the director He invite me to meet him to discuss a project, I do not think it was a Marvel movie,” says the actress. I love the work of Taika (director of the movie film) and I am a fan of the Marvel Universe. So do not hesitate and accept to participate in the movie.

Tessa Thompson, experience and new projects

Incredible!!, it is completely different to everything I had done before, of course a production with Thor: Ragnarok is already different, but I learned a lot, not only in the technical aspect but at the interpretive level. Jumping and brandishing a sword in front of a blue screen forces you to use your imagination. My colleagues with much more experience in these matters were very helpful.

But once this project is finished, Tessa focuses on the following: “I started working on the second season of Westworld (2016-), and this year it will be very fun because they will be able to see characters interact with others who have not they had done it, and there will also be new actors with new roles who will join us, and I also just finished a movie called Sorry to Bother You ”

Without a doubt, her face will no longer go unnoticed by most people and her artistic quality makes her one of the actresses that must be followed closely in the coming months.

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