Tarantino rediscover Unconventional Movie-making through Manson Family Murder

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino is to rediscover the Unconventional Movie-making through Manson Family Murder

As being much famous for movies with satirical subject matters, nonlinear storylines and with much unconventional backgrounds, Quentin Tarantino chose the Manson family murder of 1969 to be his next story line. Adding exceptional tinge to a script can be brought through this murder case. For the next project, he is contemplating on starring Leonardo DiCaprio though officially the versatile American director has not declared anything about star cast.  Leonardo DiCaprio has received the reputation for acting in Django Unchained. The director focuses on the characterization of Tate who will be the leading lady in the movie. Tate was eight months pregnant when she was murdered by a group of invaders directed by Charles Manson. It is reported that Margot Robbie was approached to play the actress Sharon Tate, the actress and wife of film director Roman Polanski.

It is reported that the movie will either have a background of the murder of Tate or will be about reinventing history.  The exact phenomenon behind this film-making is still unknown.  It is Quentin Tarantino who will be finally deciding about the final screenplay. Tarantino is concentrating on bringing the sight of that night before the audience.  No doubt, Tarantino has the ability to do the stuff greatly. The brutality and pitiless murder of Tate committed by the Manson family led by the proposed singer Charles Manson will be given shape by Tarantino. What he comes up with in the year 2019 is still a surprise for the audience. He will definitely bring the horror of that night alive. The American director has done his homework on Charles Manson. Manson is standing at his eighty now and is currently serving the first of the nine life sentences.  The Manson family led by Charles committed many murders in America in that decade.

Quentin Tarantino has been successful with the Weinstein Company as he has contributed many great movies to the company. He has come up with many hit movies such as “Pulp Fiction”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “The Hateful Eight” and the “Kill Bill” with Harvey Weinstein. Towards the mid of 2018, the hardworking director will be starting the shooting of this project though the pre-production work has been already started. Let’s wait for watching the distinctive part of the movie to be rediscovered by Tarantino.

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