Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Denzel Washington

The upcoming crime thriller, Roman J. Israel, Esq., directed by Dan Gilroy and scheduled to be released on 22nd November in the US, is a dramatic thriller meant for the matured audience. Based on the Criminal court system in Los Angeles, it is written by Dan Gilroy who is also the director of the film. It is one of the most anticipated crime movies of the year.

The storyline is based on the overburdened and the understaffed criminal court system prevalent in Los Angeles. The protagonist is a driven, dedicated and idealistic defense attorney, Roman J. Israel, being played by the reputed and prolific Denzel Washington. He is involved in a series of actions and events which take an unfortunate turn and he finds himself in a crisis situation. The film deals with the decisions and actions that an idealistic defense lawyer takes in such a tumultuous situation and when faced by such unprecedented events.

The series of events that the protagonist goes through cause him to take some extreme actions which form the crux of the film. The supporting cast consists of the dynamic Colin Farrell, who is a cut throat, stop at nothing kind of lawyer who recruits and hand-picks Roman to work in his firm. The trailer of the film looks promising and has garnered the interest of thriller and crime movie audience.

Huge Budget

Made with a budget of $35 million and produced by top houses like Bron Studios, Cross Creek Pictures, Culture China – Image Nation Abu Dhabi, the movie is a much awaited one, especially for the reality it portrays and the professional lives it affects. The star cast consists of the likes of Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell, Lynda Gravatt, carmen Ejogo, Amanda Warren, Hugo Armstrong and Sam Gilroy besides many other prominent names in the film industry. There have been mixed reviews from the film fraternity regarding the movie and it remains to be seen if the drama could dazzle at the box office.

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