Lou Diamond Phillips arrested

Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Diamond Phillips

Asking for direction from the police after being drunk driving on the streets gets Lou Diamond Phillips arrested

In what appears to be a hilariously serious case, the “Longmire” star Lou Diamond Phillips was arrested for drunk driving. The hilarious part of the story is that reportedly the actor asked for directions from a local police patrol van which happened to be at the curb and was found to be drunk by the policemen. The incident took place in Portland, Texas after the actor was returning late at the night in his own car.

Pulled over

According to one of the police officers, Phillip pulled up his car to a local police patrol vehicle at around 1:35 am in the night to ask for directions to the place where he was headed. It was then that the police found him inebriated and highly intoxicated and decided test him for drinking. The test indicator showed a blood alcohol level of 0.20 which is more than twice than the permitted legal limit of 0.08. The police had no option than to arrest him after that.

The officer also confirmed that Phillips’ behavior was polite and cordial while being tested for the blood alcohol level as well as later on. He was then released on bond by the police department, along with a warning of charges being levelled if he was caught in another such incident.

As per the media reports, Phillips, who was raised in Texas and had spent a substantial part of his childhood in the friendly streets there, was scheduled to appear at a historical event in Corpus Christi, the place where he had attended high school. No comment had been received by the media from Phillips but it appears that no harm was done and he had cooperated fully till the time of his release on bail.

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