Kevin Spacey Suspended From House of Cards

Netflix Breaks ties with the actor

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

The streaming service company, Netflix has reported in a statement that his employment relationship with the actor of House of Card, Kevin Spacey has been canceled and that he will not continue with the project of the movie “Gore” that the actor would lead.

It has been less than a week since last Sunday the actor Anthony Rapp, best known for his work in the theater and in the television series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, denounced in an interview with the BuzzFeed portal that when he was just 14 years old, he was sexually harassed by Spacey. After these accusations, the allegations of sexual harassment against the 58-year-old actor and the double Oscar win have not stopped raining. There are already 8 complaints of harassment per member of the television series House Of Card, which created a “toxic” environment, that were the words of a production assistant of the acclaimed television series to the CNN news network “There was a toxic environment for the young men who had to interact with him as part of the team, the cast or the extras,” he said.

After Netflix break ties, the actor’s career in jeopardy?

Undoubtedly the recent accusations of sexual harassment for the renowned and award-winning actor (Oscar winner and Emmy) is a blow to his reputation, always characterized by low profile and keep your life away from the attention of the media, the scandal has brought to light events that have taken place throughout the life of the actor.

After the initial announcement to finish the 6th. Season of House of Card and ending with the actor, this opinion change and together with the MRC producer decided to abruptly break the employment relationship that they had with the actor and suspend the production of the film “Gore” biopic Gore Vidal.

It is also unknown how the promotion campaign of All the Money in the World, by TriStar, drama about the famous case of the kidnapping of billionaire J. Paul Getty’s grandson who has the leading role of Spacey and whose premiere is scheduled for the December. The same happens with Billionaire Boys.

There is no doubt that difficult times await the actor and whether he can survive this scandal professionally or not, is something we will see in the coming months.


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