Johnny Depp, He Did It Again

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

The popular star of Pirate of the Caribbean reappeared at a public event drunk and with a strong stench of alcohol.

Everyone is aware of Johnny’s fondness for alcohol and parties; he has given us samples of his bad character and behavior when he is drunk. Recently there were accusations on mistreatments to Amber Heard his ex-couple when it drink in excess, so it is not of surprised that hi presents at the premiere of his latest film in some less bad conditions.

Johnny Depp has always been a problematic boy and at 54 years of age we doubt very much that he changes. Should have been one of the extremes of the premiere of his latest film “murder in the East Express” but ended up being news for his erratic way of acting on the red carpet.

What really happened?

According to the English media accredited to cover the premiere of the film, he arrive in a van  provided by the production, that brought the actor punctually to theater one of the security agents opened the door and had to help the actor to get off the vehicle. The actor wore a black tuxedo disarranged with his bow tie discarded. He seemed disoriented and erratic and the smell of alcohol was evident in his body, and he had to be helped by his bodyguard several times because he was about to fall.

Everything must be said, the incident did not pass from there, he even took his time to greet the fans and sign some autographs and the presentation gala of his new film went without incident, Depp with a history of controversial behavior but with an acting record impeccable that undoubtedly leaves its mark there where is. His way of acting is cataloged by someone as an eccentricity of an actor, whatever the cause, with Johnny Depp always have to talk.

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