Grossing Horror Genre Movies to be placed “for your consideration” Page

Cast of The Silence of the Lambs

The “Silence of the Lamb” being one of the best horror movie grossed around $272 million worldwide.  Getting nominated as one of the best thriller was not the category the movie won in the Oscars. The movie received Oscar for being the “best picture” of the year. The movie did not involve true horror, which many critics may argue but what’s the element that brought the movie an Oscar! Perhaps, it was the most grossing movie of the year and it entertained the worldwide audience. What else a movie needed to gain an Oscar nomination!

The horror movies though do not get an award for a realistic characterization; there are other categories which can bring them overnight fame. The categories can be best visual techniques, best production designs, and best screenplay, make up and costume. The technicalities used in the movies, no doubt are exceptional as they try to bring the “nothingness” to reality. They bring an imaginary scene to reality through technology and that part gains them fame. Most of the thrillers are gaining the nominations for awards due to the technological effect.

Warner Bros’ debut page “for your consideration” is a newly launched advertising page where they are submitting their own movies listed for Oscar nominations. Warner Bros has updated its page to include the horror movies produced in the year. The page is now going to include the scary clown movie “It” in its page.  The movie will be getting consideration for all categories as this horror-specific movie has gained the reputation of the most grossing horror movie according to the US box office calculation.

The movie “It” will be receiving recognition in “for your consideration”  page for best supporting actress for Sophia Lillis, Best Supporting Actor for Jaeden Lieberher, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Finn Wolfhard and many other supporting characters too. It is being said that though the movie does not appeal the nominations for the actors but it can fulfill the realistic nomination for other categories such as technology, best production design and best adapted screenplay.

Warner Bros has chosen Dunkirk, Blade Runner 2049 and Wonder Woman to be there in the “for your consideration” page. Thanks to Warner Bros for advertising the horror genre movies along with other realistic movies for Oscar nominations. After all, it’s money that counts. The more grossing the movie is, the more viewer it has captured. So it is time to be there in “for your consideration” page!

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