Geostrom: It does not convince but it entertains

Gerard Butler

The lack of creativity and original scripts has been a bad Hollywood in recent years; the tendency to recycler old glories that the past were a success is the common denominator at this time.
There are kinds of movies that can be seen for pure entertainment, if you analyze their content, your greatest ambition will be to spend some time sitting in your entertaining armchair.

Geostrom is one of those, movies, you should never take ‘Geostorm’ seriously and let yourself be carried away by his total absence of the sense of ridicule, by his (undeniable) spectacular scenes and by that cast (Gerard Butler in head) that provides some of the moments of greatest involuntary fun of recent times. That’s the only reason he deserves not be qualified as a bad movie.

Despite the almost four years of postproduction that delayed this film waiting for the right time to work on screen, the bet went bad to Warner Bros., do not run the same times as before, a few years ago the catastrophe tapes were a bet sure but that is already behind.

Geostorm tells us the story Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler), the creator of Dutch Boy, a network of satellites created to prevent the destruction of the planet due to natural disasters. By activating one of the satellites without authorization, the Senate will dismiss Jake, placing his little brother Max (Jim Sturgess) in charge. Max, aware of the conflicting power of his brother, expels him from the project, provoking a dispute between brothers that will last for years. However, natural catastrophes begin to threaten again countries like Afghanistan or China, thus uncovering a conspiracy through an intentional failure in the satellite system. In this way, Max will have to resort to his brother Jake so that together they can control the situation and save the planet from an irreversible world catastrophe.

Therefore, if the only thing you want is to spend an entertaining time and there are no better options to enjoy, go ahead to the movies and entertain yourself a little with this film

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