Annabelle: Creation

There is no doubt that the horror film is experiencing a good mAnnabelle: Creation.oment, It, Saw VIII, Happy death day, are just some of the films that have been released this year. Annabelle: Creation is one of her most recent titles.

I entered the cinema with some suspicion (although its first part was quite entertaining) because it is a sequel-prequel to a spin-off. Besides what else could director film tell us about this doll? Well, the truth is that it was good (do not analyze it in depth do not expect a masterpiece) but the film was entertaining.

Everything begins to the tragic death of the daughter of a toy maker of dolls in an effective prologue that already planting the first seeds towards what is to come. The film then makes a flash-forward of several years to see how he and his wife host a group of homeless girls. It does not take much complication to deduce that things do not take long to become rare and that everything is linked in some way to that dead girl.

So far it has not gone wrong with its more than 200 million dollars raised the movie has good figures. The bad part of the tape is tape is its lack of originality as big as some of its scares. On the other hand the intensity of the plot increases as the film progresses, and the interpretations of its characters are very good.

Definitely, an entertaining movie, which is worth looking at especially if you followed the Warren file and the first part of this movie, you will not be disappointed and you will spend some entertaining scares

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