American Made: Between fiction and reality

American Made
Tom Cruise

Is the true story of Barry Seal, this pilot who took charge of one of the most important covert operations of the CIA in the history of the United States. This adventure, which managed to capture several members of the Medellin cartel, was close to causing the fall of the White House government during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, because of the scandal Iran-gate.

With a comical tone much more than a dramatic approach and a structure where the protagonist tells us his adventures, although he does not seem to seek atonement but rather to leave the trace of a story that would otherwise seem incredible.

Barry Seal, the trafficker (American Made) is a film in which they present us with a character that seems out of fiction but who operated in collusion with the Medellin cartel led by Pablo Escobar allying with the Ochoa brothers and even helping to finance and arm the Nicaraguan Contra. The events that are narrated will not be alien to those who have seen the Netflix Narcos series or the film of Bryan Cranston Infiltrated.

Also striking is the choice of Tom Cruise as the protagonist and the softening of the profile of the individual portrayed, clearly a vividor without sense of risk to which for the occasion they have moderated greatly. But this time the story lends itself to not leave the brain outside the movie theater and even ashamed that someone like that could get to perform the scams he did. No excuses, no last-minute redemptions.

Leaving aside the way the issue of Seal was approached, the film is entertaining, very funny at times and if we remember that it is based on real events, it gives you to think about all the situations that the protagonist had to go through, but above all It makes you think about the manipulation of the government and how it throws you in the trash when you no longer need it. So if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate and go see it.

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